Ram Stinger! Humdinger! FCA Announces Yellow and Black Pickup!

May 10, 2016 0

A couple of years back, Kia enticed the automotive world with its sport-tastic GT4 Stinger concept. Almost 30 years ago, GM utterly befuddled everyone with the Pontiac Stinger concept, which featured, among other things, a pair of Dustbusters and a garden hose. A garden hose! Chevy, of course, offered … read more

A Viper, A Track, and the Racing Spirit of Bob Bondurant

May 1, 2016 0

“Left, right, left—gun it!” All 645 horsepower roared from underneath the hood of the track-focused Viper GT I was driving. Mumbling to myself, trying to remember everything I had been taught just a few hours earlier. The rugged Tarmac bounced the car up and down like it was riding on jello, my … read more

Dodge Ram 1500 makes big splash in 2016

April 27, 2016 0

2016 Ram 1500 Rating:Star5 Star Star Star Star Price as tested: $37,670
Engine: 5.7-liter V8 Hemi
Mileage: 15 city / 22 highway
Curb weight: 4,516 pounds
The Dodge Ram has been in third place among the Big Three American truck makers for decades. And with foreign automakers upping their truck game every … read more

Ford F-150 leads pickups in IIHS’ corner crash tests

April 12, 2016 0

Competitors’ crew cabs come up short on passenger protection Competitors’ crew cabs come up short on passenger protection WASHINGTON — The 2016 Ford F-150 SuperCab was the only full-size pickup to take home a “good” rating among the nameplates tested in the Insurance Institute for Highway … read more

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