Rare 1989 Shelby Dakota is a 25,000 Mile Survivor

June 3, 2016 0

The late-great Carroll Shelby built an incredibly successful career of making all sorts of cars faster, more often than not, with a bigger or more potent engine under the hood. The icons are well known—legends like the Shelby Cobra, GT350 Mustang, and the big GT500. 
But by the 1980s, Shelby was … read more

2006 Dodge Charger

May 3, 2016 0

The Dodge Charger got its start in 1966 and was a two-door, fastback coupe that offered room for four. Generations came and went quickly in those days, and for 1968, the second generation Charger debuted. The third generation came along in 1971 and lasted till the 1974 model year. Sadly for 1975, the … read more

The Always Iconic Charger: The Original Was A Huge Fastback Coupe

December 14, 2015 0

Because a big fastback coupe was needed. If the 1950s was a time when American automakers liked nothing more than to push the design boundaries, then the 1960s was when wicked cool styling and ridiculous amounts of horsepower came together. Gas was cheap, the Baby Boomers liked to drive fast, and the … read more

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