Straight To The Crusher: The Cars That Should Have Never Existed

March 17, 2016 0

There is a bipartisan agreement that these cars should have been aborted. Automakers sometimes try and steal customers from competitors with bold cars that stand out and smash preconceived norms. These bold moves can sometimes result in smash hit success stories like the Volkswagen Beetle and the Toyota … read more

October sales: Strong industry looks to post monthly record

November 4, 2015 0

October looks to have been a monster month for the U.S. auto industry. Domestic determination FCA was first out of the gate with results, posting increase in every brand. Even Fiat, which has struggled mightily this year, posted another year-over-year gain. It was a meager 1%, but it wasn’t negative. … read more

Amid sales decline, Dodge boss sees a plan coming together

August 22, 2015 0

With Dodge sales off 16 percent this year in a rising overall market, you might think brand head Tim Kuniskis would be worried. Yet standing in a parking lot with 10,000 fellow gearheads this month, Kuniskis could look around and see a strategy for the brand that is coming together nicely. Fire-belching … read more