Would You Bring This Wrecked 2016 Dodge Viper GTC ‘ACR’ Back To Life?

In the coming months, the Dodge Viper will be officially killed off as its production run comes to an end. As the Viper’s death is near, getting your hands on a brand new one is nearly an impossible task but this wrecked 2016 example might be the next best bet.

Currently on sale on 74Auto, the wrecked model in question is the customizable Viper GTC and has been outfitted with the Extreme Aero Package from the hardcore Viper ACR as well as numerous other ACR parts. It has also been painted in Stryker Purple, making it a true one-off.

Specced out to $152,835, it is about as expensive as Vipers come but if you’re brave, it could be yours for $57,900.

Details about how the car was damaged are unclear and there’s no mention in the listing about what needs replacing.

It is said to be in running condition and on first appearances, doesn’t seem to have suffered any mechanical damage. If that’s the case, then all it may need to be brought back to life would be a new hood, front bumper, headlight, rear bumper, driver’s side rear quarter panel, a fresh set of tyres and a comprehensive cut and polish.

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