Viper Narrowly Misses Wall Before Crossing 1/4 Mile In 9.4 Sec

This 5th gen Viper has become the fastest of its kind on the quarter mile, although this event could have ended badly for the impressive brute.

We don’t know exactly how much power lurks under this menacing looking machine’s hood, but considering that it can cross the quarter mile in just 9.4 seconds, we reckon it could develop close to 1,000hp.

Anyway, as anybody could tell you, power is nothing without control, and it takes a well-trained, focused driver to take this this monster by it horns, because it bites bad. Due to the sheer amount of grunt it develops, the Viper can lose traction at any speed, requiring lightning-fast reflexes and somebody that could be on top of it at any moment.

But even in a controlled environment with a pro behind the wheel, the Viper doesn’t forgive, trying to bite as fast and hard as it can. Fortunately, the car came inches from hitting the wall, but we’ll let see it for yourself in the videos below.

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