[Video] The “Hell” next to “Cat” explained in new Dodge Cherger SRT review

[Video] The “Hell” next to “Cat” explained in new Dodge Cherger SRT review image

Here’s a review that is not overly positive to one of the hot-selling Hellcat brethren, in this case the Charger SRT Hellcat, which is said to be of lower quality than the price tag makes you expect and also way too powerful for everyday usage scenarios.

The Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US unit has struck gold with the two Charger and Challenger SRT Hellcat performance versions of the muscle coupe and saloon – orders for the 2015 model had to be closed without honoring all requests, which were relegated to the more expensive 2016 model year range that had a production increase. Still, that hasn’t deterred eager customers from trying to nail one of the two – which could be for a while the most powerful models the brand has ever produced.

In this particular review, made by EverydayDriver, the conclusion is the Charger SRT Hellcat is actually not a truly complete package. While doing some things absolutely marvelous – such as accelerating, burning out the tires and even cornering, it stands up to its niche category. It’s also really massive – at 4,575 lbs or 2,075 kg – which impedes its capabilities when going full steam round the bends.

The reviewers believe the Charger SRT Hellcat has justification if it’s not the primary vehicle, switching to it when you want to lay a scare prank on unsuspecting passengers and then delight them in full force burnout. The general consensus though is the Challenger and Charger duo is “Hellishly” fast and you’d have a hard time finding a competitor in a traditional American-style drag race.

Via EverydayDriver

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