[Video] Marvel’s Agents of Shield to pack the Ghost Rider into a… Hell Charger

[Video] Marvel’s Agents of Shield to pack the Ghost Rider into a… Hell Charger image

The Ghost Rider persona – played on the big screen with various degrees of success and wit by Nicholas Cage – is finding a new home across TVs thanks to Marvel’s Agents of Shield.

And for his star role on TV he decided to ditch that flaming motorcycle in favor of a new ride – a muscle car. The ride is actually a match for the current comic book interpretation and we can even see in the video how the Hellcharger came to life. It’s a 1969 Dodge Charger and if it has an eerie familiar tone it’s because they did take inspiration from the Fast and Furious blockbuster film franchise. Bob Hartwig and his company Moviemachines took on the job of building Ghost Rider’s hellacious muscle car for the show – and it appears that against his will the producers asked for something almost identical to Dom’s Charger. They compromised and came up with something not exactly the same, but nonetheless very close.

Moviemachines actually had to complete the build in just three weeks – and they had to do a couple of cars. Charger shells have even gone missing on the West Coast because the Fast and Furious builders have used many of them for their movie installments – so Hartwig and his team had two ratty units at hand. The video shows what happened behind the scenes – offering a glimpse of the complex process of building Hollywood vehicles and even shared some of the secrets.

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