[Video] Here’s your everyday Dodge Charger if you want to be a real-life Furious

[Video] Here’s your everyday Dodge Charger if you want to be a real-life Furious image

Furious 7 had it all, bang, gals, action, stunts, crazy unbelievable moves and a great fair well. But if you’re an ultimate fan of Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto character, you need a bad ass Dodge Charger.

It’s been a long time, my friend, just to paraphrase a catchy and corny song, but the Fast and Furious franchise has kept on growing and growing – both in terms of muscle (just add Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to the scales and you’ll understand ) and horsepower. And while Toretto usually likes his Chargers very dark, mysterious and Darth Vader-style menacing, the last Charger he had on screen was very shiny. So, without further ado, if you fancy yourself a retired criminal that is now a typical anti-hero, ding the right thing in the name of his family (remember, he doesn’t have friends, just family) then Maximus Charger is your car. It’s a 2,000 horsepower blast from the past, manufactured with love and affection by Nelson Supercars and Scott Spock Racing.

Their simplest target – simply put up the most badass Charger you’ll ever find in real life. They used a 1968 model for the job, widened its body by 5 inches, slapped a twin-turbo all-aluminum 9.4-litre Hemi with twin injectors per cylinder and many, many, thousand man hours later, voila – the feat was accomplished. Tom Nelson reckons the bodywork alone took them 4,000 hours, with the front suspension being one modified from a Corvette C6 and the rear one completely custom. We’re unsure what mileage the monstrous twin-turbo 9.4-litre will get you, but power deployment is safe (in muscle car terms) thanks to the 18-inch wide rear tires.

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