[Video] Dodge’s Challenger Hellcat put on ice, still manages to reach 171 mph

[Video] Dodge’s Challenger Hellcat put on ice, still manages to reach 171 mph image

The Hellcat’s usual setting is on the dry tarmac of American runways – but we can now tell you that very cold Sweden actually has its own ice speed record for… Dodge Challengers.

We didn’t know that either but we’ll keep track of it from now on, as recently a Hellcat was used to break it. The feat took place during the Arsunda Speed Weekend, which saw numerous mouth-watering high-performance machines flexing their horsepower muscles during a full weekend stint. By the way, the Challenger that broke the record also wears a revealing white hue which boded well with the ice blue and it was actually in stock condition – the mandatory modification was the fitting of a set of studded tires. Of course, the meaty 6.2-liter took home the Challenger class trophy.

If figures are your thing, then you should know the new Challenger-class ice speed record now stands at 171 mph (274 km/h), with the track having a length of 0.62 miles (one kilometer) and the maximum velocity and average speed being considered. The latter was an equally impressive 162 mph (261 km/h). The absolute world ice speed record belongs today to a 641 Continental Supersport Convertible that reached 205.48 mph (330.8 km/h) back in 2011 while driven by rally legend Juha Kankkunen.

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