This Viper’s Crash On The Ring Teaches The Importance Of Helmets On Trackdays

Even though wearing a helmet is not mandatory when visiting the ‘Ring, this accident shows you why you should always wear one, especially when driving an open-top car.

The driver of the silver Dodge Viper got to learn the delicate handling balance of the V10 monster the hard way as he lost control after what seems a brief moment of understeer which turned into snap oversteer when the car stepped on the kerb, causing the spin onto the protective Armco. Let’s just say it can happen to anyone.

The thing here is that both the driver and the passenger were helmet-free in an open-top 500hp car, driving on one of the most challenging road courses on the planet. You can clearly see the passenger’s head bouncing on the side window, probably damaging his ear and who knows what could happen if the speed of the impact was bigger.

Unfortunately many ‘Ring visitors don’t give the Green Hell the respect it deserves which is frankly idiotic, given the universal fame of the place.


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