This Late 1960’s Dodge Charger Is Hard To Resist

While some people prefer their muscle cars in original form, others like a bit of custom work done, resulting in a little more personality and perhaps even a few improvements.

If you’re the latter, this late 60s Charger might just go straight to the top of your “I need this in my life” list – unless you actually own something better or hate classic muscle cars altogether. Otherwise, trust us, they don’t get much sleeker than this.

The bodywork looks flawless and the custom HRE S104 wheels match the Charger’s lean and mean personality, while helping it maintain its retro look – though it’s unlikely its appearance would ever be seriously altered by a “wrong” set of wheels design-wise.

In terms of size, let’s be thankful they didn’t push even more inches underneath those gorgeous fenders.

The exact model year is tough to identify considering how the owner might have added certain exterior pieces himself to improve the looks of the car. It’s definitely a second-generation model, and if we were to guess we’d say that it’s either a 69 or a 70, without the wraparound chrome bumper.

Since some cars can be hard to describe even through carefully chosen words, we’d rather let you enjoy the images for as long as you want (make sure to pay close attention to the engine bay and the interior) – though not before reminding you of yet another beautiful classic muscle car we saw a few months ago.

Talking about this 1962 Corvette of course, also wearing custom HRE wheels. Funny enough, trying to decide between these two is a lot harder than deciding between a modern day Charger and a Vette.

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