This is the Dodge Osis and it needs to be built

What you see above is the result of Dodge and Chrysler’s brief to thirteen students from the design studios at the Art Center College of Design, California.  It’s called the Dodge Osis, and we rather like it a lot. 

It’s an open-top, two-seat roadster that references the MX-5 as a muse while fusing parts of Dodge’s mean muscle car past to make a hot rod for the future. 

The chassis is a CFRP (carbon-fiber–reinforced plastic) monocoque passenger cell that’s been optimised for crash safety. However, the front and rear subframes can be customised, then slotted into the structure. As can the floating and removable panels. They’re 3D-printed and replaceable to encourage modification.

Being designed for the impending future where we’ll be 3D-printing everything from our dinner plates to our dogs, this endless customisation will allow for your car can to be as seasonal as your wardrobe. 

Before you get your hopes up, there’s no meaty V8 hidden away under there. Instead, it’s electric. But only currently existing as a 1/5th scale model, no performance figures have been announced. However, it is light. And all the electrical gubbins, batteries and motors are housed in the nanotechnology passenger cell, with wheels spearing off like an open-wheel race car without looking like a new-age Plymouth Prowler. 

Seriously, just look at how cool it is. With those floating removable panels, one-piece headrests and hovering rear lightbar, it’s incredibly seamless but also aggressive and classy at the same time. 

So there’s only one thing for it. Dodge, please, please, please build it. 

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