This hacker got a Chrysler Electronic Voice Alert system to talk again

Chrysler Electronic Voice Alert system

Those bits are still hiding on chips in old Chryslers; a vintage speech guru helped them escape

I picked up complete Chrysler Electronic Voice Alert system hardware from a junked 1985 Chrysler Laser XE a while back, but I have been unable to make it talk to me. This is no problem with the all-analog phonograph-record-based Datsun Voice Warning boxes, but making much-abused 30-year-old digital electronics function is another story. Fortunately, hardware hacker and lover of vintage speech synthesis David Viens was willing to build a custom circuit board, write some code, and extract all 16 kilobytes of voice data from a chip in a mid-1980s Chrysler Electronic Voice Alert unit. Be sure to watch his video all the way to the end, in order to hear the “Your Oil Pressure Is Critical” sample played as haunting chords.

Chrysler and its spokesman, Ricardo Montalban, used the Electronic Voice Alert system as a selling point in many of its cars from this era.

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