This Dodge Challenger Hides A Unique Setup And Develops 805HP

You know what the Challenger Hellcat was missing? Horsepower.

No, wait, I didn’t mean to say horsepower, because this beast already puts out 707 of them; which is a lot. Still, the Dream Giveaway team thought it could do a little better and that’s why this particular special-tuned variant was raised to 805 horses.

Called the Hellcat X Experimental Concept, it has – and there’s no easy way of saying it – a supercharged and twin-turbochargerd 6.2-litre Hemi V8. In fact, according to the guys who build it, it’s the only known Challenger Hellcat on earth with such a unique setup.

Oh, and here comes the best part: The car actually pays homage to the U.S. Navy supercharged and turbocharged Grumman XF6F Hellcat World War II fighter plane protortype, which developed a monstrous 2000 Hp from its radial 18-cylinder, air-cooled Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp engine.

Anyway, this Hellcat has a 2.3-litre Eaton roots-style supercharger and a 62mm twin-turbo Hellion Power Systems setup manufactured by Walsh Motorsports. That’s enough to make the 6.2-litre Hemi generate an obscene 805 horses and – wait for it – 1084 Nm (800 lb-ft) of torque.

For now, its performance figures are not known, but Dream Giveaway intends to take the car on the track and see how it performs. Mind you, a completely stock Hellcat, with its 707 horses at the crank, flies from 0 to 100 Km/h in 3.6 seconds and is 0.8 seconds shy of a 10 second dead 1/4 mile mark.

Styling-wise the car looks great. Of course, you can still tell it’s a Hellcat, but the aviation-inspired, raw aluminum hood extractors, center hood scoop, accented front grill, hand fabricated rear-diffuser, and the adjustable chin spoiler don’t necessarily giveaway its 100 extra horses.

The car is part of a charity raffle fundraiser by Dream Giveaway and can be won together with an old-school 1970 R/T 440 CI Challenger. All you need to do is to their official website, buy a ticket (or a bundle), cross your fingers and hope to win the duo.


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