These 5 Sports Cars Rendered As Wagons Will Leave You Drooling


Wagons; you either love ‘em or you hate ‘em. For the enthusiast community, the general consensus is the former. Then there are shooting brakes, that graft a wagon back to a coupe. What if some of your favorite sports cars got turned into these gorgeous three-door shooting brakes? Thankfully, we have an answer to that question.

Estonian-born graphic artist Rain Prisk has decided to take some of America’s favorite sports cars, and transform them into lovely wagons, shooting brakes, and ‘utes. From the Camaro to the Mustang to the BRZ—if you want more junk in your sports cars trunk, these are the cars you should be looking for.

Ford Mustang GT


The Ford Mustang is a car that needs no introduction. It’s got classic lines and a big V8; it’s an American icon. But what if said icon became a little more niche? Yes, that is a Ford Mustang hatchback, and it looks pretty sweet if you ask us.

Chevrolet Camaro



The new Chevy Camaro hasn’t even hit dealerships yet, and already, people are wanting it to be something different. The two renderings you see here give the new Camaro a handsome five-door layout, or the ever-so-wonderful ute experience. Considering GM makes ute-based V8 hot rods for the Australian market, this really is not so far fetched.

Dodge Viper


We actually did our own version of a Viper shooting brake a while back as an April Fool’s prank. This one is no joke. It features a refined boot, and even a roof rack with room enough for some bikes.

Nissan GT-R


As if the Nissan GT-R could get any better, Prisk decided to go and give it a wagon setup. We’re not complaining.

Subaru BRZ


We may be biased, but this one has got to be our favorite of the five. The Subaru BRZ fitted with a wagon backend seems like a natural progression. It’s the new WRX hatchback that we wanted.

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