The Trucks of SEMA 2015

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Huge field of big bruisers intimidates the other vehicles

Trucks make up some huge percentage of the vehicles parked all over SEMA’s two million-or-so square feet of show space. The really big trucks are parked outside on the tarmac where they’re less likely to roll over and crush the smaller cars, which cower inside.

This year the most popular truck, according to SEMA’s own count, was the Ford F-Series (Ford also had the most popular car, the Mustang, and sport compact, the Ford Focus; so yay Ford). It seemed most of the trucks were jacked up, way up, and had fluorescent undercarriages that could house whole cities. They were graceful in their towering articulation. And yet they could also drive over you with ease. You might not even have to duck.

Our favorite among them? Oh man, so many. Okay, we’ll pick three: the red and white stock Jeep Forward Control, the ancient green and silver Dodge Ram and the six-wheeled (seven if you count the spare) stretched Jeep Wrangler pickup. Scroll through the gallery and pick your own.

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