The Next Dodge Challenger Hellcat Could Have as Much as 750 HP


The Dodge Challenger Hellcat and its 707-horsepower engine is impressive, to say the least. It’s a lot of car to manage and it has been a huge hit with the enthusiast community since day one. If the word on the street is right, then Dodge is looking to outdo themselves with the next Challenger by giving it 750 horsepower.

The current Challenger launched eight years ago, and is showing its age despite the power boost from the Hellcat engine. Both the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro have received updates since then that put them in a separate league. The Challenger needs to step up its game.


According to Automobile Magazine, the next Challenger will have the same rear-wheel-drive platform as the Alfa Romeo Giulia along with V6 and Hemi V8 engines. There will also be a supercharged Hellcat in the mix with upwards of 750 horsepower. A facelift and a more powerful Hellcat ought to give the Challenger the boost it needs to face the competition.

No, you can’t get your hands on this yet, nor can you even put your name on a hopeless waiting list. It’s not expected until the 2019 model year and that’s being optimistic. The Giulia launch is delayed, so there’s the possibility the Challenger will also be late. On the bright side, that’s more time for you to sock away cash for a down payment.

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