‘The Fast and the Furious’ Drag Race Scene Recreated in ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

For car enthusiasts, The Fast and the Furious is one of the greatest movie franchises in history, chockablock with high-speed thrills and an engrossing story line.

Likewise, video-game nuts have found a favorite in the long-running Grand Theft Auto series. But what if these two disparate media were brought together? What if they could somehow join forces in one glorious pop-culture fusion? Well, this is just what’s happened.

Someone has recreated the first movie’s epic drag race between Vin Diesel and Paul Walker and they’ve done it all in Grand Theft Auto V. Every detail seems perfectly rendered, from the color of Walker’s Toyota Supra to Diesel’s shining head, from the sounds of engines revving to the infamous freight train rolling along its tracks; this recreation is really something to behold.

Check out the video below to see firsthand just how faithful this recreation is; it could be the best three minutes of your day. Can you spot any discrepancies between this animation and the real thing? We’re not exactly experts on the subject, but it looks damn good to us!

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