The Dodge Viper GTS Comes With Some Seriously Weird Quirks

Every great car in existence wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t have some really annoying (charming for others) quirks, with the original Viper being no exception to the rule.

At least the hardtop GTS derivative of the original Viper has proper side windows that go up and down, unlike its early targa-top siblings someone will say. Well, that doesn’t eliminate the fact that Dodge didn’t equip the Viper GTS with an interior hood release, giving everyone coming across one on the street or in a parking lot direct access to that huge V10 engine.

Some will say that this is just a prime example of bad engineering; others will call it part of the vehicle’s ‘character’. Thanks to Doug DeMuro who only recently purchased a beautiful example, we can all discover all these little things that Viper owners learn to live with, in order to enjoy one of the most raw performance models that came out of this side of the Atlantic.

Let’s all hope people won’t start messing with the clam-shell hoods of other peoples’ Vipers after watching the video linked below.


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