Texan Couple Buys Pair Of One-Off Vipers; Have Another 77 In Their Collection [w/Video]

A Viper-loving couple from Texas just received a pair of customized Vipers, thanks to Dodge’s “1 of 1” personalization program.

You may remember Wayne and D’Ann Rauh as they became known a few years ago as the owners of the largest collection of Vipers in the world which back then included no less than 65 of them.

Wayne ordered a brown GTC with black stripes while his wife went for the purer TA 2.0 version, choosing a purple paintjob with silver stripes. The personalization program that Dodge currently runs for Vipers guarantees that the exact same combination out of 50 million possible combinations won’t be built again in the same model year, making the cars truly unique. The two new additions to their collection bring the total up to 79 cars today.

50 million possible combos, 16.000 unique paint jobs, more than 48.000 unique stripe configurations, the numbers alone are crazy. And speaking of crazy, let’s not forget the monster that lives under the bonnet: 8.4 liters in a V10 layout pumping out 645 American horses and 600lb.ft of torque through a manual gearbox.

You gotta love the Viper, just for its pure insanity although I doubt you will love it more than those two Texan lovebirds.


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