Supercharged 2000 Dodge Viper GTS ACR Shows Up On Ebay

A rare ACR edition of the original Viper GTS is offered for sale, looking to seduce its next buyer with its drop-dead gorgeous looks and its supercharged 600hp.

With Dodge recently announcing the death of the Viper, this is perhaps an appropriate time to start looking in the classifieds.

The car we have here is a very clean example of the original coupe model with the Paxton supercharger kit said to be installed with the highest standards. Thanks to this, the output of the 8.0-litre V10 engine has been raised to around 600hp, with the car tuned for use on the road.

The seller claims that there are absolutely no mechanical issues with it and that all service records are present as well. Other aftermarket features include a high-performance Corsa exhaust complete with headers to help that V10 clear its throat more freely and a custom rear diffuser.

The photos show us a very nice condition inside-out, with the cabin having the special ACR plaque on the center console. According to the seller, this is one of the just 35 ACR models built that year, further adding to its value.

If you were looking for a nice original GTS, then we reckon this will do the trick for you. The car’s auction is now live on Ebay with the latest bid to be at $43,000 when these words were written.


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