Star Wars-Themed Viper & Hellcats Patrol LA Streets

Ahead of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie premiere, Dodge will take to the streets of LA with a pair of Stormtrooper-themed white Charger and Challenger SRT Hellcats, as well as a Kylo Ren-inspired black Viper ACR.

With these cars goofing around in Los Angeles, fans of the franchise will be able to stop and take photos and videos alongside Dodge’s three fastest cars.

The “tour” will start Friday, Dec 11 and end on Monday, Dec 14, and you can even track their locations in real time on Twitter.

In order to do that, make sure to use the hashtags #Dodge and #TheForceAwakens and then go hunt these cars down like a real-life Dark Emperor.

FCA and Lucasfilms first announced their collaboration back in August, while in November FIAT displayed a custom 500e model painted as a Stormtrooper at the LA Auto Show. That car was actually inspired by the armor of the First Order Legion.

This time fans will get to witness a lot more “force” thanks to these 707 HP Hellcats and the 645 HP SRT Viper. All three models are perfectly capable of hitting 100 km/h (62 mph) in under 4 seconds and can probably give the Millennium Falcon a run for its money considering how much torque their engines put out.

The new Star Wars movie will make its worldwide premiere on December 18, which means we’re actually less than a week away from seeing what the great JJ Abrams managed to do with the film!

By the way, Abrams has previously produced a couple of Mission: Impossible titles, the reboot of Star Trek and smaller fan favorite flicks such as Cloverfield or Super 8 – not to mention some award winning TV series like, say, Lost. The man definitely knows how to tell a good story.

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