Star Wars themed Chargers invade NYC

Star Wars themed Chargers invade NYC

Star Wars fans residing in New York City may want to order an Uber instead of hailing a yellow cab today.

That’s because Uber has partnered with Hot Wheels and Dodge to offer free rides in one of eight Stormtrooper-themed Charger sedans. The promotion is good for today only through Uber’s Free Friday program with the code HOTWHEELSFF.

Hot Wheels says it settled on the Charger for the promotion because the muscle sedan closely resembles the toy maker’s Stormtrooper diecast car.

Dodge Charger embodies the look and feel of the Hot Wheels Stormtrooper diecast car and is sure to turn heads when traversing on the streets of NYC on Force Friday,” Hot Wheels said.

The Chargers are on loan from Dodge.

The Hot Wheels promotion marks the first merchandising push for the latest Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. That film is set to hit theaters on December 18.

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