SRT Tomahawk Concept Revealed For Vision Gran Turismo

The new Vision Gran Turismo racing simulator party welcomes another new contender this week, in the form of the Tomahawk.

Developed digitally by Dodge performance arm SRT, the Tomahawk enters as a race-track rival to virtual contenders from the likes of Aston Martin, Mercedes, Lexus, Honda and dozens more.

Up front, the SRT showcases a snake-like shape that offers a clear homage to Dodge’s Viper muscle car, while huge splitters and intakes give the design a properly functional edge.

It’s a Le Mans inspired racing design through the profile and at the rear, however, showcasing a body that is focused on aerodynamics above all else.

Three versions of the Tomahawk have been developed for the Vision Gran Turismo series, with the top-spec ‘X’ model punching out a huge 1930kW of power.

That’s thanks to a hybrid powerplant that combines a big 7.0 litre petrol V10 with a pair of pneumatic motors. The former drives the rear wheels, while the compressed air system turns the front wheels.

For a car that weighs in at just 752 virtual kilograms, those are some epic numbers.

Of course, if that’s too much, there’s always the ‘entry-level’ S version, that delivers a mere 751kW.

Something basic like that could be just the thing for introducing your kids to motorsport, you’d have to think.

Of course, with SRT imagining the Tomahawk as the sort of racer we might see in the far distant year of 2035, it might be your kids’ kids that are piloting this one.

And here’s how they’ll look:

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