Salesman stuffed in trunk during test drive escapes and fights back

A car salesman at Gillman Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram dealership in Houston, Texas took a potential customer for a test drive, but what happened is straight from a GTA game.

The peculiar incident occurred on Monday during a Challenger test drive when the driver got into a fight with the salesperson by the name of Jose Martinez. Following an altercation, the suspect threw the man in the trunk of the car, with help from two other criminals that were in another vehicle trailing the Challenger.

However, the dealer employee managed to escape after pulling the emergency trunk release while the car was in motion. This is where the story really gets interesting as the suspect stopped, got out of the vehicle, and then pointed a gun towards the salesman. Martinez was courageous enough to fight back and actually managed to knock the gun down out of the suspect’s hand. He picked it up and shot him, according to Houston police spokesman, Victor Senties.

The injured suspect along with one of his buddies got into the other car, a silver four-door sedan, and drove off. The third suspect stole the Challenger which was being tracked via the salesperson’s iPhone left intentionally in the trunk. It seems the fleeing suspect hit a postal truck and decided to simply abandon the car and leave the scene on foot. All three of them ultimately escaped, but the police authorities are doing their best to capture them. As for the brave salesman, he suffered minor injuries and was taken to the local hospital, but will be ok.


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