‘Rumble Of Dodges’ Spot Makes For Good Eye Candy

With Dodge implying that their cars travel in packs and calling on one is like calling on all of them, this video includes a full line-up of Vipers, Challengers and Chargers, plus the Durango and the Journey.

Dodge decided on taking a very specific direction when it comes to their image and the way they promote their cars on camera. It almost always has something to do with power and that typical “muscle car image” that actually is reflected by models such as the Viper, Challenger and Charger.

This video is missing the Dart and the Grand Caravan, but we reckon they’ve been left out because their appearance and technical prowess isn’t on the same level as what we find on the rest of their cars. OK, the Journey is a stretch too.

The reason why this commercial is more “eye candy” than something along the lines of “music to our ears” is because most of the action isn’t all that audible – or at least not in the sense of hearing some V8 engines roar.

What we do get instead is plenty of drift action and lots of tire smoke and skidding noises. In the end, all the cars gather behind two ACR Vipers which look like they should be in a Star Wars movie.

Like we said, eye candy.


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