Roadkill’s ‘General Mayhem’ Charger Gets Even More Badass Via Hellcat Restomod

Imagine a classic 1968 Dodge Charger with a modern 707hp Hellcat powertrain, and you get the idea.

Roadkill finally presented their famous ‘General Mayhem’ Charger with its new heart and their adventure to get it ready for a drag-race with a similarly restomodded Dart, prepped by the TV-known Monkey Garage.

Once powered by a 440 out of a motor-home, the General Mayhem became a real beast thanks to a complete engine-gearbox transplant from a Charger Hellcat, now pushing even more power than the factory 707hp figure thanks to the magic of NOS.

We might have seen countless classic Chargers in all states of tune, but this one looks like the coolest, most fun of them all.

Enjoy the video that follows below.


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