Report – FCA’s Marchionne says next Dodge Viper might happen after all

Report – FCA’s Marchionne says next Dodge Viper might happen after all image

The iconic Dodge Viper might after all have a successor and not go for retirement once more as it happened a few years back, according to the latest rumor coming from the FCA CEO itself.

The media report had Sergio Marchionne, the chief executive officer of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, while taking part in the annual press conference during the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, talking about the possibility of a brand new Dodge Viper using a new platform. The Viper was, has been, a labor of love,” Marchionne said. “Given the architectural development within the brand, there is a possibility that a new version of the Viper may surface. Whether it will surface in time is unclear to me.” The main issue is not with the limited success it has had with the hand-built high performance model – but with the fact that across the world emissions limits are becoming stricter and as such a host of high performance models might find themselves on the other side of the law in less than half a decade.

Anyways, if Dodge really develops and builds another Viper, the rumor mill paints an Alfa Romeo-linked picture, with the high-performance model borrowing the architecture that underpins the Giulia sedan and will serve as the basis for all the new models coming from the upscale Italian marquee. The model currently rides on a pretty obsolete platform and has the motivation provided by a massive V10 naturally aspirated engine.

Via Automobile Magazine

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