Report – Dodge Charger and Challenger to see new platform after 2020

Report – Dodge Charger and Challenger to see new platform after 2020 image

While the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro already have new generations under their bellies, the FCA counterparts – the Challenger and even its sedan sibling the Charger, will soldier for years with their current architectures.

Anyone knows it’s a bit of a suicide not to deliver a new generation every six or seven years it seems FCA is confident (or lacks the development money) the Dodge Charger and Challenger can soldier on the current platform until at least 2020 – according to the latest report. With two unnamed sources from within the company confirming the claim, it appears the muscle cars will continue to use their platform – a redesign will appear for the 2018 model year – until they get the rumored switch to Giulia’s architecture sometimes in 2020. Additionally, it appears in 2021 another sedan will be axed – most likely the Chrysler 300.

Pushing back the Challenger so much means the model introduced in 2008 will be here for a record amount of time in its segment, while the Charger was first presented with this platform in 2011. In a bid to keep the things fresh, Dodge will be working on a variety of special edition models such as the latest Charger Daytona and Challenger T/A – while the latter will also get an all-wheel drive and a wide-body Hellcat version.

Via Automotive News

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