Report – All new Dodge Challenger coming 2019, Hellcat and even Barracuda on tow

Report – All new Dodge Challenger coming 2019, Hellcat and even Barracuda on tow image

It appears the rumor mill has found out when the Dodge Challenger muscle car will get updated to a new generation – 2019 – and more importantly that Hellcat and even Barracuda convertible versions are on tow.

The Dodge Challenger is going to be the granny of the American muscle car triumvirate – it was released in a new generation back in 2008 and has remained mostly the same ever since. More so, it appears that while the Mustang and Camaro have been updated to new generations, FCA isn’t in a hurry to do the same with their representative. That’s because the rumor mill alleges the new generation will be here in about three years time – sometimes in 2019. And again the all-new Challenger is yet another model that should pack the rear-wheel drive platform that is used by the Alfa Romeo Giulia – meaning that when it comes does out it will pack an aged architecture.

We hope it’s going to be like wine because it appears the report are looking at a vastly improved dynamics, with drivers getting better handling and a lighter, nimbler vehicle. Powertrain options should be kept in the same V6 and V8 area, with the most important tip being the Hellcat version coming with a tweaked out version packing in excess of 750 horsepower. It also looks like the Barracuda convertible might be coming back, with influences from the Challenger but different design and dimensions.

Via Automobile Magazine

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