Rainbow created using 76 Dodge Challenger cars by Georgia club

Rainbow created using 76 Dodge Challenger cars by Georgia club image

Peach State Challengers, which looks to have what it takes to be a very cool club, is a car club from Atlanta, Georgia who recently decided that summer needs to be celebrated in colors.

Probably tired of all those reports from color companies claiming automotive buyers like easy colors – grey, white, black – the Peach State Challengers took 76 members of their community to a location where they could display a rainbow made out entirely out of Dodge Challenger coupe muscle cars. This visually impressive and highly diverse parking lot rainbow is also possible thanks to Dodge’s well known affinity for diverse and bright colors. The photo shoot idea came to Peach State Challengers member Jeff Davis – he organized the event, found the huge lot at a fairground in Cumming, Georgia, and went for all the permits needed – including calling a police officer who was also Dodge Challenger owner.

He was aided in the endeavor by fellow club member Rich Scotto, who came up with the interlocking herringbone positions and the idea to order them by color – than all it took was for lots of patience on a very hot day to arrange the cars into place. “I believe that Dodge’s colors are pretty unique. We had a couple different reds, the Sublime Green and then the Green with Envy, Plum Crazy and then the B5 Blue,” commented Davis. Of course, the news of the feat quickly spread over social media and the group has received lots of new membership requests.

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  1. I remember when this pic hit the Dodge Challenger and Charger Owner’s Group page…

    Now we need to do a Charger version of it 😀

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