Photo of the day: a Challenger playing in the snow

We’re no strangers to playing around, *ahem* we mean, doing some hardcore consumer testing on ice. However, it’s not very often that you see muscle cars on the slippery stuff. That’s because it’s rare that drive for these American stallions goes anywhere but the rear.

Well, not anymore. As Dodge has broken the mould by giving its big ol’ Challenger four-wheel-drive for the winter.  And celebrated by doing some skids on ice. Because traction. 

It’s the new Challenger GT, a Mustang rival that’s set to come out at the beginning of next year and serves power to all four wheels for the first time using the same architecture that’s underneath its Charger sibling.

There’s a 3.6-litre V6 under the hood (so not a true muscle car, then) with 305bhp going to the rear wheels most of the time. But when things start to get a bit greasy, the front axle will engage and the 247lb-feet of torque will be split and some of it sent up front. How much, we’re not told.

Dodge showcased a 450bhp Challenger at SEMA a few years ago, but the one we want is a 707bhp Hellcat with all wheels driven. So, when can we have that, Dodge?

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