Mustang GT Supercharged Sleeper Battles the Challenger Hellcat


Another Saturday, another foray into the wonderful world of drag racing. This week, the crew at Bay Area Racing is giving us an American classic: Mustang vs. Challenger; Ford vs. Dodge; pony car vs pure muscle. It all took place at the RedListGroup quarter mile event a few weekends ago.

The unsuspecting Mustang you see here is actually packing some serious heat under the hood: a supercharged 5.0-liter V8. No exact horsepower or torque figures were given, but one can only assume it will put up a serious fight with the 707-horsepower Hellcat.

At least in this case, lighter is better. The Mustang walks away from the Challenger from the get go—no thanks to some questionable shifts on the part of the Hellcat owner. The Mustang finished in 11.31 seconds at 129.14 mph. The Challenger did it in a slightly slower, but still impressive 12.36 seconds at 125.18 mph.

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