Mopar begins taking orders for Dodge Challenger Drag Pak

Mopar begins taking orders for Dodge Challenger Drag Pak

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ Mopar division has begun taking orders for the latest Dodge Challenger Drag Pak.

The race-prepped Challengers will be limited to just 60 units for the current model year, including 35 outfitted with Mopar’s first supercharged engine and 25 with a naturally-aspirated 426 HEMI V8.

The supercharged 354 HEMI features a special camshaft, custom engine calibration and other tweaks to help shave time off quarter-mile runs, while the 426 features an aluminum block and aluminum cylinder heads among other modifications.

Both variants keep many stock components, but add an NHRA-compliant roll cage, sport seats, five-point harnesses, extra gauges, drag radials, skinny front tires and a rear-hinged hood.

“Sportsman racers who compete in the NHRA have been winning with our factory-prepped package cars for years,” said Mopar chief Pietro Gorlier. “Now, we’re supercharging their ranks by opening orders for the new Mopar Dodge Challenger Drag Pak.”

The 426 HEMI edition fetches $99,426, while the supercharged model commands $109,354.

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