Miami Dolphins’ A.J Francis Enjoys Being An Uber Driver

It seems like if you’re lucky enough to be living in an “Uber-friendly country”, driving other people around can be quite a lucrative arrangement.

Of course, luck does play a role since there are plenty of places where you either can’t work as an Uber driver, or you’re simply afraid to.

Miami, like most of the U.S, is a great place to drive an Uber, which is what Dolphins Defensive Tackle A.J Francis is doing in his white Dodge Charger.

Listening to him talk about it is quite fascinating as you also get some insight into how his contract works and when he’s getting his bonuses.

It’s also funny to hear how nobody on his team is messing with him for driving other people around in his spare time. But that’s a good thing, since it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Francis played college football at Maryland before going undrafted in 2013, and is currently employed by the Miami Dolphins who owe him $510,000 this year, plus a rather minor workout bonus that he also mentions during the interview.

Let’s hope that in the future, more athletes and other celebrities as well sign up with Uber. If anything, people would get chauffeured around in some really nice rides.


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