Meet the Car That’s Shaped Like a Meineke Muffler


If you’ve ever wanted a car that was shaped life a muffler…and let’s be honest, why wouldn’t you? Then, today is your lucky day. 

Meet the Meineke Muffler Car. This exhaust-inspired custom car hails from southern New Jersey and is said to be quite the local figure. It was built in 1992 in order to provide publicity and advertising for a number of local Meineke Car Care shops, and over the years it has sat outside those service shops, toured in parades, and attended special events. In fact, it probably sold a fair bit of mufflers in its heyday.

Fast forward two decades and this one-of-a-kind Meineke Muffler Car recently appeared on eBay, which begs the question–what do you do with a muffler car?


Underneath that tubular body lies the chassis of a 1980 Dodge D50 Ram pickup truck, which was built by Mitsubishi. As such, there are no baffles or resonating chambers inside this muffler, rather just the little 2.0-liter Mitsubishi four-cylinder that prodded the Dodge pickup along. It mates to a manual transmission and the drivetrain is said to show 91,000 miles. Most of those miles, we would assume, were added before its tenure as a muffler.

This Meineke muffler on wheels isn’t exactly what you’d call showroom fresh anymore (on a side note, imagine a showroom full of muffler cars), and the owner explains that the car has been sitting outside a local shop for the past five years. Its interior appears to be in rather rough shape, and it backs up that outdoorsy claim.


Though the Meineke Muffler Car hasn’t run in ages and its road legality looks somewhat suspect, it does have indicator lights at all four corners, a pair of rear view mirrors, and a claimed hidden headlight. Perhaps there are a few more parades and special events in this muffler car’s future after all.

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