Matt Farah Samples Truly Insane Viper ACR

In a few months, the Dodge Viper will be consigned to history, but in its latest and most potent ACR guise it will be remembered as one of the most capable, track-focused cars offered for use on the street.

Journalists all around the world, including Chris Harris, have been blown away by the Viper ACR, a car which holds 13 separate lap records at some of America’s most fearsome tracks.

Driving the Viper ACR is a naturally-aspirated 8.4-liter V10 engine delivering 645 hp and sticking it to the road are massively wide tires and the Bilstein adjustable suspension.

Even though it’s immensely powerful, the ACR’s incredible speed also has a lot to do with its other-worldly downforce-generating components, including the rear wing and sharp front splitter. Matt Farah samples the ultimate Viper and… well, what do you think?


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