Let’s Make This Dodge Viper LEGO Creation a Reality

Ever wanted a LEGO Dodge Viper? You can help make it possible.

As part of the LEGO Ideas program, this Dodge Viper creation replicates the iconic American supercar while measuring 15.75-inches long, 7-inches wide and 4.5-inches tall. The creator of the project doesn’t have an exact count of how many pieces were used to create the Dodge Viper, but estimates it to be around 2,000 based on its weight. The prototype was created by starting with two sets of the Ferrari F40 designed by Michael Psiaki, along with additional pieces that were ordered along the way.

The LEGO Dodge Viper was created from the rear forward and rather than using LEGO Digital Designer, Ben Smith built it alongside photos of the Viper to make it as authentic as possible.

Like other LEGO Ideas, it will need 10,000 votes before it heads to a committee for approval. If approved, it will head to stores and the creator will get a share of the profits. Click here to check out more details on the LEGO Dodge Viper and cast your vote if you want one for yourself.

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