July 2015 Auto Sales: Winners and Losers

For better or worse summer is rapidly drawing to a close. This is bad news for fair-weather aficionados but it’s actually been a great season for automakers. July sales are in and last month’s year-over-year performance was up a healthy 5.3 percent.

Overall deliveries exceeded 1.5 million, which compares favorably to the 1.4 million and change that were pushed out in July of 2014.

So far for the year, manufacturers have moved in excess of 10-million cars and trucks. That means for the first seven months of 2015, sales are up 4.5 percent compared to the same time period last year. That’s healthy, if not record-breaking growth. However, let’s all be happy things are continuing to move in the right direction.

Most automakers posted generous gains but others weren’t as fortunate. Here are the sales winners and losers from last month. Is your favorite brand on the list? If so, which side of zero did it land?

Winner: Audi +20.8 Percent

July 2015 Winner Audi

Posting an impressive gain of nearly 21 percent, Audi and its dealers have a lot to be happy about. The four-ring brand sold just shy of 18,000 vehicles in America last month, making this its best-ever July and its 55th consecutive monthly sales record. Clearly the German automaker’s products are resonating with drivers in the U.S.

Winner: Lincoln +21.3 Percent

July 2015 Winner Lincoln

Far from dead, Ford’s Lincoln luxury brand came roaring back last month. Its year-over-year sales were up more than 21 percent, topping 9,500 units. So far in 2015 its deliveries are up 8.1 percent at nearly 57,000 units, not a bad performance for a brand without much new product. Lincoln’s redesigned MKX crossover and all-new Continental sedan should put some additional wind in its sales.

Winner: Infiniti +22.2 Percent

July 2015 Winner Infiniti

The number two spot belongs to Infiniti. Nissan’s premium division posted a 22.2-percent sales increase last month with total deliveries topping 10,400 vehicles. For the first seven months of 2015, Infiniti has sold nearly 75,000 cars and trucks, a 10.1 percent increase.

Winner: Jeep +22.9 Percent

July 2015 Winner Jeep

Without question, Jeep is the engine that drives Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. This off-road division just keeps posting bigger and better sales figures, month after month after month. In July its deliveries increased by nearly 23 percent, topping 73,000. That’s A LOT of grilles and even more slots (about seven times as many). For the year they’ve sold just shy of 475,000 vehicles.

Winner: Mitsubishi +23.9 Percent

July 2015 Winner Mitsubishi

And Mitsubishi has delivered a whisker fewer than 58,000 units in 2015, a far cry from Jeep’s volume. However, on a percentage basis the three-diamond brand is up, and big. For the first seven months of 2015 they’ve increased sales nearly 25 percent compared to the same time period in 2014. In July, the Japanese automaker’s sales were up 23.9 percent at nearly 8,000 units.

Loser: Dodge -12.7 Percent

July 2015 Loser Dodge

Jeep may be an uncontested winner, but some of FCA’s other divisions aren’t as lucky. Dodge’s July sales for instance were off nearly 13 percent compared to the same month in 2014. Deliveries totaled 37,649; for the year the company has sold nearly 295,000 units, a drop of nearly 16 percent compared to 2014.

Loser: Fiat -15 Percent

July 2015 Loser Fiat

Even worse than Dodge’s performance were the numbers Fiat posted. The Italian purveyor of small cars saw its figures slip by an even 15 percent in July. Sales totaled a paltry 3,235, or less than half of what Mitsubishi sold. Ouch!

Loser: Maserati -15.5 Percent

July 2015 Loser Maserati

Likewise, Maserati’s deliveries were off by 15.5 percent. Trident dealers sold 957 vehicles in July 2015, compared to 1,132 in the same month last year. From January to the end of July they delivered some 6,200 vehicles, a year-over-year decrease of around 4.8 percent.

Loser: Scion -24.6 Percent

July 2015 Loser Scion

Jeep is one of those brands that just keeps on growing, but of late Toyota’s Scion brand is the complete opposite. This youth-oriented division saw its July sales drop by nearly 25 percent. Overall deliveries totaled just 3,865. And so far for the year things are nearly as grim. Sales have dropped 19.5 percent, falling just shy of 29,000 units.

Loser: smart -67.4 Percent

July 2015 Loser smart

And finally we come to the biggest loser, ironically the brand that sells the smallest cars, smart. This Daimler division’s sales last month were off by an astronomical 67.4 percent! That’s a difficult number to fathom, but what’s not hard to understand is that they sold just 441 cars in July and 4,065 for the year. Also, for the first seven months of 2015, deliveries were off by more than 32 percent.

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