Japanese Fans Of Dodge Vans Are Turning Them Into Racing Cars

When you say one-make racing series, the vehicle that springs to mind is not a 1994 Dodge Van. But the Japanese have found meaning in racing such vehicles, which they now extensively modify with performance parts.

The attraction to modify a van and take it to the track is real and has many adepts, but nobody really gathers for a yearly race with these vehicles. In Japan, though, they do gather every year at the Ebisu track – the place and time to be in order to see real grassroots motorsport.

The level of modification these vans feature makes them special machines: they all have race suspension, sticky tires, V8 engines and every other conceivable performance upgrade you could throw at it.

Check out the full story of how it started, told by its initiator Takuro Abe, in the video posted below!

via Daytona Magazine

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