It’s Official: Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Makes 527kW, 881Nm.

Remember the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat we told you about in May? The all-American muscle car that promised “in excess of” 447kW?

Well Dodge has finally released the Hellcat’s official power figure, and it’s a colossal 527kW at full noise. Peak torque is similarly huge, at 881Nm.

To give you some perspective, Ford’s next-gen Mustang GT makes “just” 313kW and 529Nm. Step up to the twin-turbo BMW M6, and you “only” get 412kW and 680Nm.

You’ll need to look to exotic metal (or in this case, carbon fibre) like Ferrari’s mighty F12 Berlinetta to find a more potent powerplant, with the Italian supercar mustering up 545kW from its 6.2 litre V12.

How does Dodge do it? Well, having 6.2 litres of displacement certainly helps, and so does a supercharger with the wick turned all the way up. A forged steel crankshaft is also handy if you want to keep all those ponies from bursting through the engine block.

Power gets sent to the rear wheels (AWD is for wimps, it seems) via a beefed-up eight-speed automatic or six-speed manual, and the Hellcat rides on electronically adjustable dampers and 20-inch wheels shod with Pirelli P-Zero Nero tyres.

What price? Dodge is still quiet on that front, but we’ll find out just how many greenbacks the Hellcat will cost when it makes its showroom debut in the third quarter of this year.

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