Is this the lairiest trackday money can buy?

Dodge has always said that the Viper is a racecar for the road. But, until today, it’s always been down to the car’s owners to find a track and discover that for themselves. 

Now, following a partnership between FCA’s muscle car brand and the Bondurant Racing School in Phoenix, Arizona, anyone with a fistful of dollars can book a day in the seat of the V10 supercar and light ‘em up.

But it doesn’t stop there. The Bondurant Racing School (which used to run exclusively Chevy Camaros and Corvettes) hasn’t just added a few TA and ACR Vipers to its existing mix of cars –it’s switched the entire 120-car fleet out to make the place look like a Dodge theme park.

The deal, which involves over $10m-worth of Detroit’s finest metal, includes squads of Challenger and Charger Hellcats and 392s, too. So your entire time at facility, whichever course you choose, will be spent behind the wheel of something with serious horsepower. Wanna drive a Hellcat? And learn how to handle it properly? Head to Bondurant.

Want to do it for free? Just buy any 2015 or 2016 SRT model and Dodge will throw in a one-day course at the school. If you want to do more than one day, you can use the one-day credit against a bigger package.

We spent a day at the school – on a skid pan, autocrossing and lapping the circuit –and still can’t wipe the stupid grins off our faces. Vipers and Hellcats are fun on the road. But on the track? Well, if you want an antidote to driverless and autonomous cars, it’s right here.

Sign up soon before they make it illegal. And tell them Top Gear sent you…

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