Investors Considered Buying Dodge Viper Rights, Plant From FCA

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has recently killed the third-gen Viper, but a few years back a group of enthusiastic investors attempted to buy the rights to the car fearing its imminent death.

While speaking with The Truth About Cars, noted supercar collector and entrepreneur James Glickenhaus revealed that he was approached for financial advice by a group looking to purchase the Viper from FCA.

“A private group wanted to buy Viper and approached FCA who were receptive. This private group asked me for advice and I gave it to them. A deal was not reached. They did have the resources to do the deal but in the end decided not to (buy Viper and its facility). I did advise them not to do this deal but why they didn’t isn’t something I know.”

This group of investors were said to have been considering purchasing the rights to the Dodge Viper as well as the factory where the car is built.

According to Glickenhaus, any prospective owner would have had to increase annual Viper sales threefold to just break even, never mind see a return on the investment. Small wonder they walked out, then.

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