ICON’s Dodge D200 Crew Cab Is Simply A Restomod Masterpiece

You don’t have to be a pickup truck guy to really appreciate the impressive work done on this restomodded Dodge D200 Crew Cab by ICON.

We’ve shown you in the past a few examples of their Derelicts series , but this Dodge belongs to the Reformer series, meaning that everything inside-out was restored to perfection, using modern technology and -in our case- a different chassis from a modern model.

ICON was able to keep the project within the Dodge brand, taking a 2006 Ram 2500 chassis complete with the powertrain and fitting on top of it the vintage body you see here.

Of course, this is not an easy or a cheap project, with ICON’s Jonathan Ward explaining in detail what they have changed and how this magnificent creation was built.

The white truck is a manual turbodiesel and the olive green one is an automatic with a supercharged Hemi under the hood, so you get how endless are the potential combos they can achieve with their magic engineering abilities.

This is restomodding to the max and we can’t get enough of it.


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