HPE850 Challenger Hellcat Puts Down 742 WHP On Dyno

As if the 707 HP Dodge Challenger Hellcat wasn’t brawny enough already, Hennessey Performance thought to give this muscle car some extra juice.

There’s nothing like a good old dyno test to measure your car’s maximum power and peak torque outputs, and when you’re dealing with heavily tuned brawlers such as any Hellcat, every single figure counts.

When standard, this car produces 707 HP to go with up to 650 lb-ft (881 Nm) of torque, and that’s enough to get you from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in about 3.7 seconds. Not enough to out-sprint a top-spec Model S, but sufficient as if to eventually catch up and outrun it – this used to be the holy grail of drag racing no longer than half a year ago.

Now, thanks to Hennessey Performance, your Challenger Hellcat can breathe in those HPE850 fumes and put down precisely 742.84 RWHP (rear wheel horse power) to go with 684.56 lb-ft (928 Nm) of peak torque, also at the wheels. By the way, at the crank, that comes down to about 852 HP – pretty much exactly as advertised.

This might just be enough to win you some of those drag races that you may have lost by a tiny margin in the past with your stock Hellcat. Oh and, your car will sound bonkers when accelerating – always a nice bonus.


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