Hennessey’s Dodge Charger Hellcat tops 1,000 horsepower

Hennessey’s Dodge Charger Hellcat tops 1,000 horsepower

Hennessey has introduced an HPE1000 tuning package for the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat.

Matching the HPE1000 kit for the two-door Challenger, the Charger variant takes advantage of a triple-charged system. Hennessey engineers have added twin turbochargers to complement the existing supercharger, bringing output up to 1,032 horsepower and 987 lb-ft of torque (measured at the engine).

To handle the extra boost and keep the intake charge cool, the build includes an air-to-water intercooler system, new plumbing, larger fuel injectors, a high-flow fuel pump and new stainless-steel exhaust manifolds and downpipes.

Hennessey claims the HPE1000 Charger can launch to 60 mph in just 2.7 seconds and complete a quarter-mile run in just 9.9 seconds at 142 mph.

The limited-edition Charger has been adorned with exterior unique badging, along with interior plaques signed by John Hennessey and an engine-compartment plaque signed by the lead technician. Buyers receive a one-year, 12,000 mile warranty.

The package is said to cost $55,000, plus the price of a Charger Hellcat. Hennessey also offers an HPE800 and HPE850 build.

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