Grandmaster Flash’s Dodge Charger Mistakenly Given To Thief In New York Car Park

Grandmaster Flash’s Stolen Car

Turntable legend Grandmaster Flash might be one of the most recognizable figures in New York City’s hip-hop community. But that didn’t stop a parking lot attendant from giving his 2014 Dodge Charger to a random stranger.

According to the 57-year-old musical pioneer’s Instagram account, on July 16 he left his car at a parking lot on West 23rd while making a trip to get his laptop repaired. When he returned two hours later, the employee on duty relayed the news that the ride was gone.

While the unknown suspect didn’t have the valet ticket or any identification, he apparently resembled Flash, and was allowed to leave with the muscle sedan. In the video below, it’s clear the performer is rightfully incensed.

More distressing than having the car stolen was the loss of unspecified music equipment and three crates of vinyl. On his Facebook page, the DJ referred to the records as “priceless.” Quite honestly, just thinking about the albums baking in the trunk of a hot car—for any length of time—makes the music aficionados on the Motor Authority staff nervous.

Here’s hoping the car and the gear are returned soon.    

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