Germany shows love for the Dodge Viper, tuner takes it to 765 horsepower

Germany shows love for the Dodge Viper, tuner takes it to 765 horsepower image

While this may very well be the most powerful Viper ACR that nobody thought about asking, we’re actually pretty pleased it exists because it will help fans solidify their claims for a rebirth of the model.

The Dodge Viper is slowly bleeding its way to the second demise – but it showed that people have some love left for the model, with all the special editions for the final model year being sold before reaching the dealerships. Now there’s also a European tuner showing the model can be showed some aftermarket love in a place where the model shouldn’t be imported. That’s because that monstrous crazy 8.4-liter V10 incurs incredible taxes and duties. And it really doesn’t need to get added oomph since it already displays 645 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque. But then again it’s not even at 100 hp per liter, so Geiger Cars from Germany thought about the missed opportunity here.

So, their evolution stands at 765 horsepower – a good 120 hp increase – thanks to enlarged, 2.215-inch diameter intake valves, a high-lift camshaft, upgraded hydraulic lifters, pushrods, and double valve springs. Other modifications include, but are in no way limited to uprated headers, catalytic converters, and a stainless steel exhaust system. There was a last touch ECU remap and it’s obvious they didn’t even need to touch the turbo subject. There’s also an ‘Extreme Aero Package’ which may include anything from a front splitter, to twin dive flaps on the front apron, to new diffuser or different combinations of lightweight forged alloy wheels. The pack is €40,775 ($46,165) on its own or you can shell out €219,000 ($247,973) for the whole shenanigan.

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