FCA shows Dodge Barracuda to dealers in Vegas

FCA shows Dodge Barracuda to dealers in Vegas

Corroborating recent rumors, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles reportedly showed a Barracuda concept to dealers gathered for their annual meeting this week in Las Vegas.

The muscle-car concept allegedly carried a Dodge badge and was presented in convertible form, according to an Automotive News report detailing a ‘parade’ of new products at the event.

FCA design boss Ralph Gilles last year downplayed rumors of the Barracuda’s revival, claiming that the idea grew “legs of its own.” A production version would need to be smaller than the Challenger, he said, and require a significant investment to build a new platform. The nameplate was also originally tied to Plymouth, not Dodge.

The company appears to have resolved the platform issue, as the convertible Barracuda is said to be built upon the same architecture that underpins the Alfa Romeo Giulia. It is unclear if the resurrected pony car will be offered with the same powertrains as the Italian sports sedan, namely the M3-fighting turbocharged V6 with 510 horsepower.

Dealers also had a chance to preview a new Dodge Charger concept, also sharing the Giulia’s RWD platform. It allegedly resembles the sporty Charger R/T Concept (pictured in gallery) that was originally presented in 1999 as the first four-door adaptation of the iconic two-door Chargers of the ’60s.

The Dodge brand has been struggling lately, with total sales down by 16 percent for the first seven months of the year. Challenger deliveries have grown by 38 percent, making it the top model in terms of growth. Dart sales are also up, while Charger numbers are mostly flat for the year.

FCA allegedly promised to bring up to 30 new or refreshed models into dealer showrooms within the next two years.

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