FCA Recalls Dodge And Ram Vans Over Transmission Issue, Jeep Renegade For Tow Bar Fix

Fiat Chrysler has launched two recall campaigns in the US. The larger of the two is related to several of its van models and the other to the Jeep Renegade.

The van recall stems from an issue with the transmission pump, which – according to the statement from the NHTSA – may seize, leaving the transmission without hydraulic pressure and the vehicle without propulsion.

The campaign covers an estimated 26,299 vehicles in the United States alone, including examples of the 2015-16 Chrysler Town & Country, 2016 Dodge Journey, and 2016 Ram ProMaster. Fixing it will involve replacing the transmission pump on those affected vehicles.

Along with the vans, FCA is recalling a small number of 2015-16 Jeep Renegades – specifically those specified with the factory trailer hitch package. The automaker found that some of them may have only been been affixed with one fastener per side instead of three, thereby improperly securing the hitch and any trailer attached to it.

Repairing the problem will involve simply adding a couple of extra bolts, and the recall only relates to an estimated 8,561 vehicles in the United States.

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